Why Use Mysitespeed.com?
My Site Speed is unique. It provides tools that no other web monitoring service offers. For example, there are no other monitoring services that provide a website reflector. A website reflector allows you to see your website as your customers see it. It eliminates variables such as firewalls, user-rights, internal routing and DNS.
It provides detailed analysis of your website speed, breaking down the website connection time into four elements, DNS resolution time, HTTP connect response time, HTTP download time, and HTTP download speed. This allows you to identify where your slowness is. Other monitoring sites just tell you if your website is fast or slow. My Site Speed tells you why!
It uses the most advanced techniques available to efficiently monitor your website connnection speed. You may notice your download times are fast. That's because My Site Speed is built for ultimate efficiency and speed.
My Site Speed is built to provide an objective viewpoint of your website. It also gives you an easy to read comparative analysis of your website alongside other websites, so you can truly understand how it is performing compared to other popular websites.
It provides short-term and long-term statistics on your website, to allow you to identify trends over different time periods.
Many of the most popular websites are already being tracked, so you can already pull long-term statistics on them to compare to yours.
My Site Speed is built to be easy to use. User accounts are problem free, and just used to maintain the list of websites you are tracking.
Best of all, it is completely free.
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